Kyutto - Mixed Fruits & Barley Grass (Japan Natural Superfoods)

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Uses organic JAS certified barley and wakaba, grown in a nutritious soil, and 16 kinds of fruit juices added sweetness. Delicious at a low price that can be consumed every day from adults who don't like green juice. Recommended for those who lack fruits and vegetables. ✓ For those who want to stay healthy! ✓ For those who have irregular dieting everyday! Drink One to Three packets per day. 

* KOSO AOJURU (Enzyme Green Juice) Is A Japanese Secret of Natural Health Care For Longevity

How to use:

1 - Pour 200ml of water into glass
2 - Put one sachet of green powder into it and stir well and consume it immediately in fresh
Note: Can be mixed with fresh milk or fruit juice. But no alcohol or gas drink

Country of Origin:

Made in Japan

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