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  • Mosquito Buster.Product from USA.ម៉ាស៊ីនសម្លាប់សត្វមូសផលិតផលមកពីសហរដ្ឋ​អាមេរិក
  • Uses revolutionary technology such as the CO2, UV light and heat to attract mosquitoes.
  • These midge-like pest will be sucked in by the suction fan when fly near to device.
  • Insects are then trapped, dehydrated and eliminated.
  • Water Resistant – Suitable for both indoors and outdoors.
  • Traps other flying insects.
  • Sterilizes foul smell and purify the air by using Photo-Catalysis Process.
  • Environment Friendly – Smokeless, odorless, safe for humans and pets.
  • Voltage Frequency: 220-240V/50Hz
  • Power Consumption: 26 Watts
  • Product Weight: 1.3Kg, Weight With Box Approx. 1.7Kg
  • Sizes: Diameter 25cm, Height 30cm
  • Recommended Coverage: Approx. 30-35 m2

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